When Penguins meet Mary

So last month I was finally able to visit the penguin exhibit in Manila Ocean Park and I was BEYOND EXCITED. You all know how much I adore these creatures but I’ve never seen them live or have come in close contact with them. The moment I found out that MOP was having them over in the Philippines (which is a Tropical country so we don’t really have penguins), I made sure to visit them!

Went there straight after school from my dorm with my family and watched a Sea Lion show first. Could not contain my excitement to see the penguins so we rushed to the exhibit immediately after the show.

These are all Humboldt Penguins by the way. The Emperor penguin you see is just a statue! Deceiving really but my visit wouldn’t be complete without me having to feed them of course. BEST EXPERIENCE EVER. Had a real connection with this little penguin!

I was able to slide down the ice slide too and entered the snow village that was too cold for life but they came with jackets so it sort of helped. That concludes my penguin experience! 🙂

Happy sunday!



Help save penguins!

So my best friend came across this website called Defenders of Wildlife and they’re having this adoption program going on wherein you have a wide variety of options to choose from. You get to adopt a penguin but of course the real penguin won’t be shipped to you or anything because of the wildlife preservation. You will be given a personalized certificate along with a penguin plush and other things that are in the package that you choose.

This is only for US addresses and the shipping is free!
I for one am a big fan of penguins and will do anything to help save these animals. Sadly I do not live in the US but I told my relatives there about it 🙂

CLICK HERE to go to the website for more details! Thank you very much!

Mr. Popper’s Penguins!

You guys have to watch this awesome movie. It was totally better than what I expected it to be and not just some other penguin movie. It’s a really nice family comedy and Jim Carrey fits the part! I swear you have to watch it and I really love this movie. Here is one of the behind the scenes look where they introduce the 6 gentoo penguins 🙂